Ignition unit or ECU, CDI of your YAMAHA motorbike defect?


Is the ignition unit or injection unit from your YAMAHA motorbike defect?
Carmo electronics is able to test and repair the ignition/injection unit.

We always give a cause of defect, to prevent that the unit goes defect again after mounting.
Warranty 1 year.
We test/repair within 8 working days.
If you YAMAHA is not in the list, call or mail us!
We test and repair also sealed units.


– Carmo Electronics (the CDI-doctor.com) is able to repair a defective ignition/injection/dashboard system very accurate and reliable.
– Carmo Electronics has developed a very unique simulation protocol to generate every possible kind of signal your motorcycle may generate.
– Repair is executed with high-grade parts and guarantees maximum reliability.
– Repaired units are finished with a very strong and durable coating that protects electronic parts for the influence of extreme weather circumstances.
– The main benefit of repairing a unit in contrast with buying a more expensive new one is an indication of the possible cause on the bike that appears from the broken electronic parts.
– Even if the malfunction is not in the unit, but elsewhere in the bikes electronic system.
– This information is supplied totally free of charge together with the repaired unit
– Programming SAIS chip keys (When you have lost all your keys)
– This to prevent that the unit will go defect again after mounting.

Other activities of Carmo:
Sale Regulator/Rectifier for motorcycles
Sale Generator for motorcycles
Sale or recondition of ignition coils for motorcycles
Sale of Pick-up’s for motorcycles
Changing the Rev. limiter by modifying the unit.
Sale and development of programmable ignition/injection systems
Replacement of the complete PCB from the ignition/injection unit. (Only when repair is not an option)
Providing digital ignition systems for classic or “self build” motorcycles
Motorcycle diagnostics

Carmo Electronics
25 Allinga Crescent
Craigie WA 6025

e-mail: info@carmoelectronics.com.au
Phone: 0478 560 160

Website: www.carmoelectronics.com.au


Successfully tested/repaired YAMAHA units (models);

Aerox50 Beluga 125 (50W-MO)
PW50 (5G3-MO)
Neos 50
YFM50 (5YF-00)
Banger 80cc (55X-1)
TZR50 (5WX-00)
Beluga 125 (TID11-07A)
Breeze 125 (3FA-10)
DT125 (3RM-00, 3RM-10, 3NC-00)
DT125LC (57U-MO, 34X-MO)
RD125 LC
SR125 (5H0-M0)
TDR125 (071000-0030)
TW125 (5EK-00)
TZ125 (3XV-00)
TZR125 (1KT-50, 2MY-50, 4HW-00)
XT125 (12V-MO)
XV125 Virago (5AJ-82305)
XVS125 (5JX-82305-00, 1318007760, TNDF60)
YFA1(P) 125 Breeze (3FA-20)
YP125 Majesty (5DS-00, )
YZ125 (5NX-00, 5NY-10, TIA01-34)
AG200 CDI-unit
DT200R (37F-M1, 40221)
YFM200 (52H-20)
YFM225 (59V-20)
YFS200 (5VM-00)
XT225 (4JG-10)
FZR250 RR exup (3LN-82305-00, 3YX-82305-00)
IT250K (3114)
KZ250 (TID11-01)
RZ250 (51L-50)
SR250 (TID11-01, TID11-02)
SRX250 (TID11-08, 51Y-10)
TDR250 (2YK-00)
TT250R (4GY-00, F8T31871)
XT250 (3Y1-20)
XV250 Virago (2VJ-82305, 3LS-82305)
Quad 250cc (4XE-00)
YFB250 timberwolf (F8T07276, 4BD-00, F8T09273, 4BD-10)
YFM250 BRUIN (F8T38683, 1P0-00)
YP250 Majesty (J4T091, 40C-10, J4T069, 71 4UC-00, 7X01)
YZ250 (4SR-00)
350 Bruin (5UH-00, F8T40371)
Big Bear Quad 350cc (F8T32372, 3HN-20, 4SH-00)
Banshee (3GG-10)
RD350 (1UA-50, 29K50, 52Y-50)
RZ350 YPVS (29K-50, 51L-50)
TT350 (30X-20)
YFM350 RAPTOR (F8T40374, 5YT-00)
YFM350X (F8T34271, F8T40371, 3GD-40)
YFM350X WARRIOR (F8T30572, 3GD-20)
YFM350XP Warrior ATV (Mitsubishi, F8T38675, 5NF-00)
YFZ350 (3GU-50)
XT360 (2GK-20)
Quad 350cc (1NY-20)
DT400 (SSM, F8T00371)
DT400MX (F8T00)
FZR400 (TID14-53, TID14-70)
FZR400RR (4DX-82305-00, BB7208))
WR400 (5BF-10)
XJ400 (TID12-07)
XS400 (TID12-02, TID12-07)
YFM400 (5GH-20, F8T38672)
YFM400 kodiak (F8T30573, F8T32372, 4SH-00)
YFM400FWA kodiak (F8T36474, 5GH-10)
YFM400 bigbear (5GH-00, F8T36472)
YZ400 (5BE-00)
WR426 (5NG-10)
YZ426 (5JG-00, 5TG-10)
WR450 (5TJ-60, 5TJ-90)
YFM450 wolverine (3C2-00, F8T403)
YFZ450 (5TG-00, 5TG-10)
YZ490 (F-9054K)
RD500 (1GE-50, 47X-50)
SR500 (3GW-00, 3H-50, 3HI-50)
TZ500 (TIA04-03A)
XV500 Virago (22U-20, J4t01071, J4T01471)
YP500 T-MAX (J4T120, 5GJ-00)
XV535 VIRAGO (J4T020, J4T033)
XT550 (1XL-50)
XZ550 (TID12-06)
FZ600 (TID14-79)
FZ600 N faser (J4T095, 71 5DM-00 8707)
FZ6S FASER (F8T811, 71 5VX-00)
FZR600 (J4T045, TID14-82, TID14-73, J4T045)
SRX600 (Denso, 1JK-51, 1JK-50, 070000-1391, QAB39)
TT600 (55U-50, 5Y3-50)
TT600R (5CH-01)
XJ600 (4BR-10, TID14-78, TID14-79)
XT600 (1VJ-51, 2KF-50 ,3AJ-00 , 3YP-00, 34L50, 43F-50, 5Y3-50)
XT600E (4PT-82305, 3TB-82305-00, 3TB-82305-10)
XT600R (F8T811)
XTZ600 (43F51)
XY600 radian (TID14-79)
YFM600 Grizzly 4×4 (5GT-00, F8T36071)
YX600 (TID14-48)
YZF600/R6 (4JT065, F8T354, F8T380, F8T920, J509E-0007959)
R6 (F8T925, 71 5LS-10, sent ECU unit with key and key switch)
R6 (F8T814, 71 5LS-40, sent ECU unit with key and key switch)
XJ650 (TID14-02, TID14-06)
XS650 (TID12-01, TID12-03)
XVS650 Drag Star (J4T079, J4T093)
XVS650A Drag Star (J4T094, 71 5BN-20)
MT-03 MT03 660cc (DENSO 5YK-8591A-00, 112100-2920, 12V TBDF22 E)
MUZ660 (4MY-82305, 131800-6150)
XTX660 (5VK-8591A-00, 5VK-8591A-01, 5VK-8591A-10, 112100-1872, 112100-5360)
XTZ660 (3YF-82305)
YFM660 Raptor (5LP-00, 5LP-20, 5LP-30, F8T37971, F8T38680)
XJ700 (TID14-06)
XJ700x (TID14-35, TID14-47)
XV700 (20X-20)
YFM700 Grizzly (F8T83471)
FZ750 (TID14-39, TID14-58, BB7227)
FZR750 (TID14-60, 4HD-82305-01)
FZX750 (TID14-52, BB7228, TID14-55)
XJ750 (TID14-06, TID14-21, TID14-31, TID14-44)
XJ750 fuel injection (TID14-44)
XS750 (TID03-01, TID03-02)
XTZ750 (3LD-82305)
XV750 (42X-20, J4T032, J4T00671)
YZF750 (BB7271, 4HS-82305, 4HD-82305)
TDM850 (3VD-82305, 4TX-82305)
TDM850 (4EP-82305-00, 131800-5720)
TRX850 (4UN-82305, 4NX-82305)
TDM900 (5PS-8591A-01)
XJ900 Diversion (TID14-19, TID14-37, J4T051)
XV920 virago (J4T00872, J4T00871)
Fazer1000 (5LV-82305)
FZR1000 (BB7211, BB7225, BB7226, BB7232, BB7231, TID14-56, TID14-57, TID14-72)
GTS1000 (4BH-8591A-00)
XV1000 (J4T1171)
YZF1000 (4VD-82305, 4SV-82305)
YZF1000/R1 (4SV-82305, 4XV-82305, 5JJ-82305)
YZF-R1 (F8T82075, F8T915, F8T921)
FJ1100 (TID14-30)
XJ1100 Maxim
XS1100 (TID14-04, TID14-10, TID14-01)
XV1100 Virago (J4T016, J4T031)
XV1100 TR1 (J4T00672)
XVS1100 Dragstar (J4T101)
FJ1200 (TID14-50, TID14-51, TID14-65, TID14-67, TID 14-90)
XJ1200 (TID14-65)
XJR1200 (4PU-00)
XVZ1200 (Hitachi, TID14-17, 26H-10)
Vmax (TID14-28, TID14-34, TID14-43)
Vmax (TID14-93, TID14-94, TID 14-95)
FJR1300 (F8T911)
XJR1300 (5EA-20, 5EA-82305)
XVZ1300 (BB7224, J4T083, TID14-94, J4T112,71 5JC-00)
XVZ1300 Real Star(J4T063)
XVZ13 TD (31N-MO)
XV1600 Roadstar
XVS1600 Wildstar (J4T109)
XV1700 (J4T139, 71 5VN-00)

9,9 pk BB-motor outboard motor (F8T07872, 6G9-21)
WaveRunner XL700 water vehicle (62T-00, F8T13175)

Carmo Electronics
25 Allinga Crescent
Craigie WA 6025

e-mail: info@carmoelectronics.com.au
Phone: 0478 560 160

Website: www.carmoelectronics.com.au


Date Listed: 29/11/2011

Price: Please contact

Address: 25 Allinga Crescent, Craigie WA 6025, Australia

For Sale By: Dealer

This ad concerns following areas:

  • denso 110-8591A-00
  • mitsubishi j4t031 schematic
  • mitsubishi 3hn-20
  • f8t36472 mitsubishi
  • f8t36472 cdi box
  • 5gh-10 f8t36474
  • f8t40371
  • digital ignitor tid14-79
  • diagram rzr250 3hm
  • digital ignitor tid14-73
  • yamaha ag 200 cdi unit
  • 4BD-10 F8T09273 8406
  • 5yt-00 f8t40374
  • 5yt-52 denso
  • 5yf-00
  • 6g9-21 f8t07872
  • ag200 & cdi
  • 5wx-00 cdi yksikkö
  • 4bd-10 f8t09273 wiring diagram
  • 3gg-10 cdi test
  • 5gt 00 f8t36071 9113
  • 5aj-82305-00
  • 52y-50 cdi
  • 4sh-00 f8t32372
  • yamaha yfb250 timberwolf parts

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